Indulgent Italian-style Gelato & passion in over 15 different flavours.

So picture this – it’s a hot and sticky summers day and you just need somewhere to cool off and chill out. Where better, than Poppadoms & Cream? With one lick of our indulgent Gelato, you’ll be in paradise – or as close as it gets in Doncaster.

With 17 Gelato flavours, Raspberry frozen yoghurt, Banana Brownie Split and a Brownie Explosion on the menu, there’s ice cream here for everyone to dive into.

All our Gelato is gluten-free!

French Vanilla

 Strawberry Delight

 Chocolate Heaven


 Raspberry Ripple

 Mint Choc Chip

 Cherry Mania

 Ferrero Rocher

 Kinder Bueno

 Oreo Cookies

 Cookies & Cream

 Strawberries Cheesecake